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There are people who will try to hire a wedding planner when they are planning for their big day. While I'm primarily a photojournalistic wedding photographer, and will quietly be candidly capturing moments and people, the second photographer will be doing a bit more of regular and formal photography, and this means you'll end up with an amazing collection of different images to choose from.
Brought to you by the same cool cats of Colossal Photos (a top nightlife photography collective), this wedding division aims to deliver the same unique wedding photography singapore magic formula of wow-inducing photos capturing everything from the tiniest, intricate details to the wide-scale grandeur of your big day.

Posting the unimpressive images online on Tuesday, Facebook user Ivan Tan lamented how the 2,700 Singapore dollars ($2,000) he paid for Reflection Photography's services was wasted on a devastating” wedding album filled with their overexposed, unflattering and misaligned photos.
However, it is not merely our wedding photography and videography skills and services that we use to make your wedding moments special for you; because at iSnap Photography, we always strive to tell your story through your captured wedding moments by giving them a creative and artistic touch through a wedding cinematography video.

Our inventive and professional cinematographers take the quality of your wedding videos to the next level by weaving a story through your still or live moments captured by our photographers and videographers as we, at iSnap Photograph, believe that every picture tells a story and every story is worth mentioning.
In the most stressful moments of your wedding planning process, with our gratifying, cost-effective and all-inclusive wedding photography packages in place, you can breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to capturing the happiest moments in your wedding.
Signature Night Photography is an exclusive service and as we progress, we have developed a certain style that's unique to us. Most choose the photographer based on their portfolio style; just make sure you are wary the portfolio shows their ‘best of'. Whether you want a casual, woodsy engagement shoot or a glam wedding, Mindy aims to beautifully capture that reality, with all the elements and colours shining through.

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